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Why shouldn’t I just hire the cheapest limo I can find? - Home James Limos
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Why shouldn’t I just hire the cheapest limo I can find?

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Everyone wants to find the best deal possible when booking a Limo, and you will probably find that whilst there is slight differences in the quotes you receive, most reputable companies will be quoting roughly the same prices. However if you receive quotes which are drastically different BEWARE! To operate a professional, legal and reliable limo service is expensive, and means that we cannot always compete with the cheapest limo hire companies, but booking with Home James means that you can rest assured that your deposit is secure, your limo is safe, and your chauffeur is licensed, police checked and professional.

  • We don’t overbook (which usually prevents either late or non arrival)
  • We do give you everything that is promised over the telephone
  • You do receive a written contract
  • You can visit our premises and view the actual limo you will be using and not just a pretty picture from the internet.
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